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A social dining network

Life after Silver Films left me reflecting on life. Not only from a professional direction but, as a single woman in her 40’s. Shooting around the world had been so much fun but at the end of the day after a long shoot when the rest of the crew went back to their rooms to call their husbands, wives and partners why was I always left chatting to my Dad? 

Where had my friends gone? My coupled friends weren’t around for chats on the phone anymore. My married ones with kids had dropped off the face of the earth. Why did no one ever call me? My attempts to arrange nights out with friends were also proving frustrating as their busy lifestyles only offered windows in their diaries three months in advance. 

Was it too late to make new friends?  But where do you find this rare breed?

One of the big things I was really missing was a decent conversation. Online dating rendered superficial chats, especially when you walked into the rendezvous and knew instantly that you wanted to leave. Whereas chatting at dinner parties with friends was always great fun… hang on a minute, when was the last time I was invited to a dinner party? The ‘single’ dinner guest is an awkward guest to invite so you end up being unconsciously struck off the list.

That generated a spark in my head, that built to a flame, that I just couldn’t put out. What if I could create something, an opportunity, a platform for the forgotten guests of the world to get offline and meet face to face with like-minded people? What if they could be brought together over a dinner party scenario in someone’s home? What if some old-fashioned values were chucked into the mix like trust, honesty and reliability? What if… I could actually create this?

And it all kicked off from there...

Here’s how it worked...

A cycle began by a someone joining the guest list and getting invited to their first dinner by a host they didn’t know. They had to dig deep to attend that first dinner of strangers but their courage was well rewarded. After that first dinner it was their turn to reciprocate and arrange their own dinner by inviting their original host and four more people off the list. It was then time to sit back and enjoy being invited to a dinner party by each of their guests.  Over a round of six dinners you got to meet twenty-five new people.

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